BOI-LBS EIC Graduation ceremony-Cohort I
Testimonials from Participants

“Wonderful experience. Left me energized and equipped to deliver change in the entrepreneurship education sphere.”

Dr. Caroline Alenoghena

“The Programme has changed the way I see my country, I now see Nigeria as a land of opportunities not problems; as a country where there is hope rather than a hopeless, God-forgotten country. All these prospects of a prospering nation can only be reinvented if the spirit of entrepreneurship mindset becomes the nation’s mantra”

Surv. Oliver Odenigbo

“The program is indeed apt as it blends both the industry and the academia perspective very well.”


“It has changed my way of thinking and how best we can solve our own problem by encouraging responsibility within our community, it really changed our narrative about current situation Nigeria and Nigerians are in.”

Zulkifli Abdullahi Naibi

“The impact to say the least surpassed my every expectation. It was overly comprehensive and sufficient. You can’t ask for more but to say thank you LBS.”

Dr. ThankGod Apere

“I have been shown new ways of teaching the students and SMEs in my community to make them manage the business better. I have also learnt ways to make students start small businesses with as little as N5,000, and to improve my teaching curriculum.”

Dr. Patience Erigbe

“The program was so inspiring and motivating.”

Dr Nwokoro Ngozi Amaka

“I was greatly impacted and would always recommend it to colleagues and associates. Thanks “

Dr. Reuel Dakung

“The programme was totally educative, informative, and truly practicable. It has given me sufficient recipes for improving the visibility of the University through innovative Entrepreneurship practice. Surely, LBS has carved a niche for herself in Business training.”

Prof. Mohammed Dauda

“The Programme has exposed me to several ideas/methods that can be used as solutions to the challenges bedeviling my Entrepreneurship Center back home have also been linked with others that can be of help in case of any difficulty. Thank God I didn’t miss the Programme. I really appreciate the organizers (LBS & BOI). Everything was okay. It was a wonderful experience.”

Prof. Nasiru Murtala

“The programme will definitely bring about change in the attitudes, mindsets and skills of teaching Entrepreneurship to our students.”

Prof. Bala Ado KofarMata

“The programme has given me a new perspective in value creation, delivery and harvesting.”

Dr. Livinus Okpara Onu

“The ToT organized by BOI-LBS-EIC was a well packaged program that reawakened the need to develop human capacities at our various tertiary institutions to upscale and upgrade the entrepreneurship education development capacities of Nigerian universities for the benefit of our nation.”

Prof. Muritala Awodun

“I have learnt better ways of delivering my lectures. Got more business ideas and wider network for business. Ever grateful to LBS and BOI. Thanks a bunch.”

Felicia Eze

“The knowledge gained within the period has repositioned me for better interaction with my students and reoriented me in terms of small business development and management “

Prof. Chinedu Ogbuji

“Gained a lot of knowledge on how to start and manage businesses. I will surely encourage my students and other members of the community to develop interest in entrepreneurship.”

Dr. Fatima Joda

“LBS is a destination of truly and proudly African breath of a contemporary business knowledge centre for that sustainable future everyone desires.”

Dr. Muazu Hassan Muazu

“It is well educative and informative; it will be useful for me to adjust the Entrepreneurship Programme in my institution.”

Prof. Florence YUSUF