Business Innovation Accelerator

Apprenticeship / Technical Mentoring

This six-month journey offers a unique opportunity to learn directly from accomplished business leaders in your industry. Apprenticeship is a time-honored method of acquiring practical skills, gaining hands-on experience, and expanding your professional network.

During this phase, you’ll have the chance to apprentice with successful entrepreneurs and industry experts who have achieved remarkable results in their respective fields. Through firsthand experience, you’ll learn about the intricacies of running a business, overcoming challenges, and making strategic decisions.


The apprenticeship phase is designed to provide you with real-world exposure and practical insights that go beyond traditional classroom learning. You’ll be immersed in the day-to-day operations of a successful business, gaining valuable hands-on experience and observing effective business practices in action.

In addition to the technical skills you’ll acquire, the apprenticeship phase will also help you build a strong professional network. Interacting with business leaders, industry professionals, and fellow apprentices will enable you to forge valuable connections and learn from their experiences. The relationships you develop during this phase can open doors to future partnerships, collaborations, and mentorship opportunities.

Throughout the apprenticeship, you’ll have regular check-ins and guidance from our team to ensure a fruitful learning experience. We’ll provide you with the necessary support and resources to maximize your growth and learning potential. By the end of this phase, you’ll have gained invaluable insights, enhanced your expertise, and be better prepared to tackle the challenges of running your own business.

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